Other High End Technologies

MJF ( Multi Jet Fusion)

Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based technology but does not use lasers. The powder bed is heated uniformly at the outset. A fusing agent is jetted where particles need to be selectively molten, and a detailing agent is jetted around the contours to improve part resolution. While lamps pass over the surface of the powder bed, the jetted material captures the heat and helps distribute it evenly.


ColorJetPrinting (CJP) is an additive manufacturing technology which involves two major components –core and binder. The core material is spread in thin layers over the build platform with a roller. After each layer is spread, color binder is selectively jetted from inkjet print heads, which causes the core to


PJP( Poly Jet Printing) machine in-house to offer the unique ability to print parts of multiple materials and colors, with different mechanical or physical properties