3D FOREGOER Helped Indian Railways for Resolving High Tension power lines problem with the help of 3d printing Technology

Product: Monkey/ Animal /Bird Repeller

  • Monkey/Animal/Bird Repeller

Monkey/Animal/Bird Repeller product developed by 3D Foregoer Team using 3D Printing Technology is the best and optimal solutions for South Central Indian Railways for avoiding down time due to short circuit accidents on 25kV high tension (HT) power lines when monkeys /Animal/Bird climbs on HT power lines

  • 3D Printing Technology.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is  a process of making 3 dimensional solid objects from digital CAD file (.stl).It is additive manufacturing process which builds solid objects by layer by layer depositions of material and  it is implemented by modern industry as it has many advantage over conventional  approach for building complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing process.

  • High Tension Power Lines Problem in Railways.

Monkey/Animal/Birds will often seek the highest point to nest or just to perch. Such animal climb high tension power lines poles and tries to approach high tension live wire, this leads to major problems. Animals while approaching live wire from poles or insulator side power transmission line does not complete the circuit and many times it leads to short circuit. Due to this, breakage of wires and disruption of train services occurs. India Railways face such problems regularly .For resolving this Indian railways along with their registered suppliers/ vendors approached    3D FOREGOER, Hyderabad   for the design solutions.

  • 3D Foregoer Team’s Research and Design Solutions

As the vendors of South Central Indian Railway (SCIR) explained their problem of high tension railway lines to 3D Foregoer team, then the team actually visited the common India railways track site  and concluded after thorough analysis of the problem and brainstorming for  the ideas  to create a barrier for avoiding monkey/animal/ sitting on live wire.3D FOREGOER  Team developed many concept based on the Design for  Six Sigma approach for New Product Development process including Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) and   Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)  and they finalized the disc shape design model for  repeller which should be  fit and Forget type of assembly  , because as per research on site only circular part with two part assembly  which  will get fixed to the insulator portion of high tension wire since  the live wire could not be dissembled or cut for facilitating the  installation of the Repeller.So disc having   two parts having snap fitting  which interlocks  the two disc parts .In addition to this, sharp tongs/prickers  provided on disc to restrict monkey /animal from crossing over to live wire from pole side.

3D Printing Machine Deployed:- Aha 3D’s ProtoCentre 999  3D Printing Filament :- SolidSpace ABS  Material

  • CAD Design & CFD Analysis for Monkey/Bird/Animal Repeller.

After finalising the concept model, team developed CAD model for the concept  with CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations analysis was done to ascertain if the monkey/bird/animal Repeller is able to withstand wind pressure created by train when it moves with a speed of 100-120 km per hour and passes the electricity pole.

  • Material Used.

The repeller product is to be installed in open area so it has to withstand sunlight, rain and wind pressure. For that purpose, ABS material is selected for the development of prototype .For real time applications which is out door application exposed to sunlight, Rain and cold, material with UV stabilization was required so material PC-ABS material compositions was recommended which combines the properties like strength, toughness , electrical insulation and UV light stabilization

  • 3D Printing of monkey/Bird/Animal Repeller.

After design and analysis, next step is printing. 3D Foregoer Team used FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) Technology for best result. The product is developed, some post printing process are done and then sent it to testing which gave best results to the problem. So this product monkey/Bird/ Animal Repeller is best solution for high tension wire problem in South Central Indian Railway.

  • Conclusion.

In conventional method, Monkey/Bird/Animal Repellor product would have taken upward of 30-60 days or more just for making the prototype of plastic parts but with 3D printing it took short time of 3 or 4 days. This is one of the Great advantages since product development delay create uncertainty, and other aspect in conventional method is  the cost of product will increase in view  of investment in  mould, labor, assembly, production also it handles design iterations smoothly with optimised cost etc. In short, 3D printing provides wide variety of cost effective product development solutions which reduces error and also reduce time in Design to market, reducing cost of life cycle of the product.

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