3D printing for medical applications is growing, more and more medical physicians are realising the benefits to medicine that 3D printing can bring Applications to name but a few, prosthetics, bone fracture replication, dental, Bionics. 3D FOREGOER  is one of the few 3D printing service companies in the India that can produce these types of models.

Three-dimensional printing has accomplished many victories in the medical world, making it an asset to the industry by changing lives every day. Both FDM-based and PolyJet technology are frequently used in the medical field, and the more we use 3D printing technology to advance medical sciences, the more life-changing the results become.

3D FOREGOER is expertise in Designing, printing and scanning service. We have delivered plenty of products to Hospitals, Medical Colleges and Research Centers. If you can have design, We will help you. For more information contact@3dforegoer.com